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I saw the gentlemen from Hi Mark Martin Tailors several times whilst they were in Australia and I ordered a number of suits and shirts from them, but even twelve months later I still haven't received all of the things I paid for and what has arrived has been incorrectly made. I have tried to reason with Mr Mahtani, and I've tried paying extra, but I still got nowhere.

This was especially disappointing since I'd also referred a number of my friends to them, all of whom had a similar experience.

In addition to not sending me some of the clothes I ordered, and not getting all but one item correct, I gave them an expensive suit to take in for me which came back taken in too far. I thought of returning it, but given my experience I chose to take it to a local tailor who opened it up and told me that they had trimmed the excess fabric and hence, it could not be let out again. I couldn't even give it to someone slimmer than me as they'd taken in the cuffs and it was almost impossible to get your hands through. In the end I had no choice but to throw the suit out as it was unusable.

Mr Aroon Mahtani is a fraud and thief. I don't intend this to be an insult, just a statement of fact. Anyone who spends 40 mins telling me about how spiritual he is, how much he believes in doing what is right and then refuses to correct orders or send me goods that I have already paid for until I paid for can only be described as a fraud and a thief.

In fairness, the gentlemen who work for him and did the fittings (Steve, Kevin and Benny) were all great, but were unable to help with any of the problems I had.

I cannot advise people strongly enough to avoid Hi Mark Martin Tailors and there are plenty of reviews around aside from mine to support this. I just wish I'd read them BEFORE I employed their services.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #960996

Hey, I have been their client for about 7 years now. I have made a several suits, shirts and sport jackets with them.

Never had an issue on getting the alterations done, any time I got the alteration was about 3-4weeks.

The turnaround is not as promised, but I do keep 2weeks over their 4-5 weeks promised delivery period.

I just got my Sports Jacket from them, recently purchased. Fits perfectly.

I have introduced few of my friends to them who have the same views about the products and services of Himark Martin Tailors, as is mine.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #933827

Thank you for your detailed review. I was looking into buy wedding suits from them - but after reading your review and lots of others, i will not go near them.

Sorry to hear about your scenario, it's such a shame that they aren't doing right by their customers. I do appreciate you sharing your story though so others don't have to go through the same.

Thank you again.

Macgregor, Queensland, Australia #836027

Unfortunately I have just been burned by them too. I have spent $2000.

Sent another suit back for adjustments as well as their suit the made for me and pants and they messed the lot up. I haven't received the suit I bought in Australia that I sent back to be adjusted. Still waiting on the Aussie jacket and a pair of pants that originally was bought. Have nothing that fits properly and am about to go to a.

brisbane tailor to try to at least get alterations fixed up hopefully. Went back to them and there is a different person coming each time.

Showed him the mistakes make and he brushed me off telling me that I wasn't used to wearing custom fit clothes. Definately stay away from Himark Martin Tailors.

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